Thuja fertilizers

Thuja fertilizers allow you to take proper care of vigour, health and vivid colouring of your evergreen trees. Thujas, commonly called arborvitaes, are available in a stunningly wide selection of varieties that have one thing in common: specific nutritional requirements that can be satisfied with professional products dedicated to those very conifers. You will find a broad assortment of thuja fertilizers from many renown brands at our store: below please find premium products of that category at competitive prices. Take a closer look!

The Target Thuja Fertilizer with Micronurtrients, that prevents needles and scales from browning, is available in a variety of sizes. Choose one of them according to the number of arborvitaes that grow in your garden. There is no risk of overpaying! The "100 dni" (100 days) Thuja Fertilizer from Florovit also enjoys great popularity. This easy to apply granulated plant food comes with a special formula that ensures prolonged effects. We also have something special for all fans of the immediately effective liquid products, the "Zielony Dom" Leaf Fertilizer for Thujas in the ready-to-use watering can. This concentrated emergency fertilizer is perfectly suited for supplementing and bringing back to life weak and disease-plagued trees. You only need to attach the watering can with the fertilizer to the garden hose and water the plants in order to provide them with the full set of nutrients. If you intend to take extra care of your evergreens, start to apply the Autumn Conifer Fertilizer from Target at the end of summer. This product increases hardiness and frost-resistance of the arborvitaes. It will allow you to prepare your trees and shrubs for the winter and eliminate the frostbite problem. Check it out!

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