Mini greenhouses

Are you a gardening afficionado, but producing seedlings on your own seems to be to difficult to handle to you? Or maybe you have some experience with tomato or cucumber seedlings, but would like to grow more demanding plants from seeds? In both cases, everything you need awaits you in this department. Take a look at our mini greenhouses!

A mini greenhouse is a container designed in a way that ensures optimal conditions for germination and development of the tender young seedlings and plants. The basic mini greenhouse consists of a deep tray made of sturdy plastic and a transparent plastic cover. Such a container can accommodate circa a dozed pots or peat pellets. The cover guarantees warmth and protects the soil from excessive humidity loss, what seems to be the most common reason for failure in growing seedlings. The whole culture can be easily transported and placed e.g. on a windowsill, where the plants will receive the appropriate amount of sunlight, yet will not be exposed to draughts. Our online store offers mini greenhouses in various sizes, we recommend, among other products, the Black 47 x 15 cm mini greenhouse with 18 pots, available in green, pink, purple and blue, too. Do you need more space? A mini greenhouse with 30 or 48 pots might be the right solution. We also have a Large, ventilated mini greenhouse for the more demanding growers. It ensures excellent air circulation, so the culture does not require extra airing. If you wish that your seeding container would become a house ornament, buy the Home garden with a wooden accent and a cover – the Respana Planter 77 cm mini greenhouse will give you space to create a miniature green border at home. Check out our other special offers – you will definitely find something that will satisfy your needs.

We encourage you to order mini greenhouses at special prices. Take advantage of the seasonal offers, save thanks to the free delivery and develop your hobby without limits. We kindly invite you to visit our store!