Cable ties, hose clips and bands

Cable ties, hose clips and bands belong to accessories that will come in handy both at home and in the garden. They are suited, among other purposes, for connecting garden hoses and tying plants to supports, are durable and resistant to toughest weather – you will find various multi-purpose cable ties, hose clips and bands at our store. We have gathered all products of that kind in this section – just tell us what you need!

If you are looking for cable ties, we have them in many different sizes. Buy Hose clip sized 10-16 mm, 13-14 mm, 16-25 mm or 32-50 mm – products offered here are made of galvanized steel and are therefore virtually unbreakable. Do you need soft bands that are suitable for use with plants? Order the elastic Self locking bands mix 13/17/22,5 cm, ideally suited for staking young trees. The material used in their production does not deform in high nor low temperatures, is flexible, yet resistant to damage. You can tie the seedlings to the supports with Clamp ties for trees, shrubs and other garden plants (we offer this product in several sizes) or the broad 40 x 2.5-cm Tree tie / band with a buckle and hook-and-loop (velcro) fastening, that is soft, yet strong and easy to adjust. Should you look for a truly cost-effective solution, buy the Soft insulated garden wire, a cheap, yet durable and reusable product. There are also stylish and sophisticated pot plant clips available in our offer. Check out the Orchid clips, Plant clips and wall-mounted Climbing plant clips. These products allow you keep your home and balcony plants organized and form them according to your needs.

We encourage you to make orders for high class Cable ties, hose clips and bands at affordable prices. It is really advisable to have them always at hand – do not hesitate, take advantage of the FREE delivery and complete your garden arsenal. We wish you a pleasant shopping tour!