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Garden Flowers Seeds

In order to fill your garden or balcony with colourful, fragrant plants, you need to stock up with flowering plants’ seeds first. Those available in our store stand out with high quality, as they come from renowned producers only. Our online store offers an unmatched selection of ornamental varieties – we supply seed material of perennial plants, annual, meadow and pot flowers.

If you wish to satisfy your interest for unusually looking perennials, we recommend to consider tritoma (torch lily), dense blazing star, globe thistle, lavender, angel’s trumpet or lamb’s ear. Some of them would tolerate growing in containers, however, if you look for typical pot plants, choose seeds of such species as blue passionflower, desert fan palm or the popular geranium and petunia. Carpathian bellflower, basket-of-gold, alpine forget-me-not or lilacbush would be a natural choice for rock gardens. If you cannot make up your mind and make your choice, we also offer flower variety selections, for example the Japanese mix composed of numerous ornamental grasses and annual flowering plants, wild plant selection, fragrant flower mix or dry bouquet selection.

Don’t wait, just choose seeds of the plants that you are keen on growing. They will shortly adorn your garden, balcony or apartment. Observing growing and blossoming plants brings so much joy and relief from stress, even more, if they develop with our own support!