Bird feeders

Bird feeders and feeding trays allow you to feed the birds and enjoy the presence of winged visitors in the garden or on the balcony. Our online garden store offers a wide selection of models that have been manufactured of weather-proof materials. We have modern plastic and traditional wooden bird feeders that are both durable and great looking. Different mounting techniques allow you to place them anywhere you want and create a bird canteen that tits and siskins will eagerly visit.

If you intend to mount the feeder on a pole, order the Birdyfeed Round pole mounted bird feeder (that may also be hanged) that you can easily set up in a place that is not accessible to predators. A bird feeder with a sloping roof and a comfortable feeding area for smaller birds will provide these lovely creatures with excellent foraging conditions. It has been designed in a way that prevents larger birds from looting the fodder and adorns its surroundings at the same time. We also recommend the Birdyfeed Double feeder that can be suspended on a rope or tree branch. It consists of two spacious grain chambers and a roof that also protects the contents from larger birds. The model offered here combines ornamental value and functionality – the mounting is way easier than in case of the majority of classic bird feeders. Should you look for traditional forms, there are wooden bird feeders in our offer, too.

Get to know our offer now and invite birds to your garden. Shop conveniently online without leaving your home!