Rose fertilizers

Rose fertilizers will free you from the dilemmas regarding proper supplementation of the shrubs that reign over your garden. Should you choose an organic or mineral fertilizer? Will the liquid or granulated one work quicker? Should I go for immediate results or long-lasting performance? We will help you answer these and other fertilization-related questions.

This is really easy: choose a product from the list below, click or tap its name and read the description we have prepared for you. This characteristics will tell you everything you should know about the product's performance and results. This allows you to choose the product that would meet all your requirements and expectations. Our online garden store is proud to present a wide selection of excellent rose fertilizers from leading manufacturers of plant care products. All products available here are original, certified goods that meet strict EU requirements.

We offer premium quality granulated rose fertilizers, such as the Rose Fertilizer with Micronutrients from Target in small and large packs, the Rose Hortifoska (phosphor-potassium fertilizer for garden plants) from Agrecol, the Long-lasting Rose Fertilizer from Substal and Florovit's "100 dni" (100 days) Fertilizer for Roses and other Flowering Plants. The latter two can be applied every 3 months only. If your flowering shrubs have spotted leaves, tend to yellow and produce little or no flowers, support them with the "Magiczna Siła" (Magical Power) Emergency Rose Fertilizer from Substral or the Rose and Flowering Plant Fertilizer from Zielony Dom in form of a ready-to-use watering can. We also have efficient liquid concentrates with macro- and micronutrients that can be used with every watering in order to stimulate roses to even more abundant blooming - take a look at the "Okazałe Kwiaty" (Exuberant Flowers) Liquid Rose Fertilizer from Target and the Agrecol Liquid Concentrated Rose Fertilizer.

Compare our prices with other online stores, make an order, take advantage of the free delivery option and shop cost-effectively, quickly and conveniently. We make it possible - see for yourself and join the ranks of our satisfied regular customers!