Vermicompost comes to mind first and foremost in association with eco-friendly, organic plant cultures. And rightly so! Do you happen to know exactly, what kind of fertilizer or plant food is hidden behind this popular trade name? Vermicompost is a liquid fertilizer produced of faeces of red wigglers and other earthworms. This exceptionally valuable organic matter is pure humus that contains not only nutrients needed by plants, but also useful bacteria coming from the red wiggler digestive system. Vermicompost feeds plants and improves soil quality at the same time, preventing the ground from sudden reaction change, disorders to the nutrient balance and from getting meagre.

This 100% natural, all-purpose fertilizer for home, balcony and garden suits all plants, whether ornamental, useful or edible. In contrary to the mineral products it does not contain large doses of macronutrients, hence you should not worry about possible overfertilizing or burning your plants. The product offered here is effective, safe and concentrated, hence exceptionally efficient. It is most commonly used as a water solution during watering. Are you looking for a fertilizer that would be suitable for all plants? Choose this product and look no further! Please note, however, that not every vermicompost available on the market would be equally efficient. Make sure that you choose vermicompost products free of any artificial additives by purchasing products from renown manufacturers and brands. Just like those, whose fertilizers and plant food are available in our garden shop!

We recommend vermicompost from the proven Agrecol brand, available in various sizes. The Super Forte Biohumus with its balanced mineral content is perfectly suited for feeding vegetables and abundantly blooming summer plants, such as trailing petunias and geraniums. If you own an orchid collection, choose the MAX-STORCZYK (Orchid-Max) vermicompost from Target. It has been specially composed to fit the specific requirements of these beautiful flowers. Our online garden shop offers professional vermicompost-enriched soil for vegetables, herbs and flowers that will ensure a good head start for all your green friends. We kindly invite you to take advantage of our affordable prices and cost-effective home delivery right to your door. Take a look at our offer, choose from the broadest selection of natural organic fertilizers available at the market and start enjoying beautiful, abundantly blooming plants. We are there for you!