Petunia and Surfinia seeds

Stock up with surfinia and petunia seeds, if you aim to adorn your garden with beautiful, colourful flowers. We offer only high quality seeds, as they all come from proven suppliers. You may choose from a plethora of varieties that differ mostly in bloom colour and shape.

If you dream of a subtle, pale purple surfinia with double flowers, you are in the right place. This plant is suited for cultivation in hanging containers, because it sprouts trailing stems. You may also plant it on lower borders together with other surfinia cultivars. The large-flowered petunia with large blue flowers will also harmonise with the previously mentioned surfinias. Afficionados of more sophisticated plants should take on seeds of the surfinia with frizzled dark pink, yellow or white blooms, or the low growing petunia with star-shaped flowers. „Bicola F2” variety might also arouse their interest, as it produces double and semi-double bicolour burgundy-and-white blooms. Pink-orange „Cascade” garden petunia will look great on a balcony or terrace thanks to its large, magnificent blooms. It can also be grown in hanging containers and balcony boxes, where it will create bright waterfalls of blooms. The indecisive ones should simply try the surfinia and petunia seed mix that will adorn balconies and terraces with their differently coloured inflorescences.

Petunias should not be problematic in cultivation. Garden beginners will handle it smoothly. Do not hesitate and choose seeds of your favourite variety!