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Limonium, Statice seeds

You will find seeds of different sea lavender (statice) species, such as wavy-leaf sea lavender, rat tail statice, Perez’s sea lavender or German, also called Tatarian, statice. Plants will adorn both your garden and home interior, as they are fitted for dried and fresh bouquets.

There are different colour varieties of the wavy-leaf sea lavender available in our store – white, yellow, carmine, violet, pink-orange and blue. If you are unable to pick one colour variety, try our multicolour variety mix. You might also find the rat tail statice interesting. This plant develops medium tall plants with carmine-pink flowers that bloom all summer long. It qualifies both for flower beds and cultivation for cut flowers. German, or Tatarian statice is intended for cultivation in rock gardens and for dried bouquets. Perez’s sea lavender can be used both in fresh and dried flower arrangements.