Sanitary hygiene materials

Sanitary hygiene materials is the section where we have gathered the work safety materials, cleaning agents for households and garden tools, compost bin, cesspool and waste bin cleaning agents. Use them in order to take the best possible care of your home and its surroundings!

What exactly would you like to buy? If you intend to improve your cesspool or sewage treatment plant performance or just get rid of nagging odours, order our proven Cesspool activators and tabs. Look no further than for the cheap and quickly acting EXPEL Bio-activator for cesspools and sewage treatment plants and the Bros – Microbec Ultra – Cesspool tabs, available at excellent prices. Do you need a larger package? Order the 1 kg Target Cesspool and home sewage treatment plant cleaning agent. Look for the accessories needed for crop dusting in the Face filter masks subcategory. You will find the relatively cheap and efficient Agrecol Filter half-mask there. It will offer the much needed protection for your respiratory tract. Our online store also offers the magnificent, durable Resiste protection glasses with polycarbonate lenses and the Galardo polycarbonate splatter protection goggles. This purchase will enable you to work safely and comfortably! We also recommend the Agrecol potassium soap in 500 ml packages, the one and only, ultra-efficient cleaning agent for garden tools, pots and plant leaves. Thanks to our products from the Sanitary hygiene materials section the thorough, complex care of your garden will become even easier!

Do not hesitate, take advantage of our ridiculously competitive prices! You can order cesspool activators and tabs, cleaning agents and face filter masks with a dependable, quick home delivery at our online garden store. Do not miss out on that chance – our garden store has everything you need in one place. We invite you to browse through our offer!