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Pots and casings

Nothing adorns home, balcony, terrace or patio like the subtle, elegant pots and pot casings. In order to help you arrange any given space in a truly unique way, we hereby present a wide assortment of pots and casings from the leading manufacturers, such as Prosperplast and Lamela. We invite you to the land of the most fashionable classic and modern designs and enchanting colours – energizing or subdued, cheerful or elegant – that will match every possible interior arrangement.

Visit the Square, Round, Long and Tall pot sections in your search for pots and planters for your windowsills, terraces and balconies. You will find plant containers of various sizes and colours, many of them with decorative rattan or chiselled patterns there. We also would like to encourage you to take a look at the transparent orchid casings in various intriguing shapes and cheerful colours, as well as the Ikebana containers for flower compositions with a Far East twist! We are equally proud of our rich selection of hanging baskets, railing-mounted pots and ornamental hangers. Try out the ornamental, retro-style metal baskets with coconut-fibre lining. Plants grown in them will fully develop their ornamental potential. If you intend to distinguish your space from the surrounding designs, create a vertical garden with flower pockets. We believe that you might also find interesting herb pots and planters, available in modern designs and a full palette of bright colours.

Browse through our pots and pot casings that are available in a stunning selection in our online store and shop conveniently online. We guarantee excellent visual effects and excellent quality of our containers. Take a look at the images and change your home arrangements with our magnificent pots and pot casings!