Hollyhock seeds

Our online store offers hollyhock seeds, of one of the most popular plants recommended for rustic gardens. The seeds represent high quality and germination capacity, as they come from proven suppliers only.

How does growing hollyhock with dark burgundy, almost black flowers sound like to you? It looks great in larger groupings in a garden, accompanied by other hollyhocks. It can also be cultivated for cut flowers. Hollyhocks with double flowers look equally great and their seeds are also available in our store. You may choose from a wide array of varieties with differently coloured blooms – pink-orange, purple, yellow or white. They harmonise with other ornamental plants. Hollyhocks are recommended mainly for rural gardens and planting in groups. They can grow even 2.5 m tall! Like any other plant, hollyhock has some requirements regarding the cultivation. These plants prefer fertile, permeable soils that are rich in organic matter on sunny, warm, wind-sheltered sites. They should not present any problems in cultivation to even beginning gardeners. You only should not exaggerate with soil humidity – hollyhocks tend to decay in too moist soils. If you still cannot choose your hollyhock variety, we recommend seed selection guaranteeing blossoms in different colours.

Hollyhocks are not only wonderful ornamental plants. Most of them are commonly used in herbal medicine. Herbalists pay the most attention to the common hollyhock. It is said to have anti-inflammatory, prophylactic and expectorant effects.