The Other department is a category full of nice surprises. You will find products that could not be included in any of the previously listed categories, yet are absolutely crucial in the comprehensive caretaking of ornamental and useful plants. Would you dare making a small experiment? Take a closer look then! We offer Orchid and Ornamental Foliage Care Wipes from Agrecol and the Leaf Wipes from Agrecol that add shine to the leaves, clean them and fertilize at the same time. These easy to use products will give your pot favourites a healthy, adorable look!

Need a gift for someone dear? Order the Orchid Care Set from Agrecol - an evergreen gift idea! The Other category also encompasses the best seed dressings from the renown plant care product manufacturers and practical fertilizer dispensers. Should you predominantly use granulated fertilizers, the Sharkie Dispenser for fertilizers, seeds, salt, gravel and other dry goods might come in exceptionally handy. This convenient accessory will make seeding and fertilizer broadcasting easy. Browse through our other products, too. Our continuously expanded offer contains all tools and products you might need in order to take proper care of garden and home plants. Trust us and order excellent, efficient and quickly acting fertilizers. You will be able to enjoy the results in no time! We kindly invite you for a shopping tour at the Garden Seeds Market!