Toolboxes and trays

Toolboxes and trays belong to the most important workshop, garage and craftsman study equipment. Your screws, bolts and nails will never get lost again, while all screwdrivers and wrenches will remain sorted in ideal order at hand. Would you like to see, what we have prepared for you? Check out the list below!

Should you look for a solid, yet affordable solution, get to know our selection of the polypropylene Prosperplast trays. You will get an orange or black 8 x 11.5 cm toolbox / tray NP4 for peanuts, but it will serve you for years to come. We also have other sizes - 10 x 15,5 cm (NP6 model), 12 x 19,5 cm (NP8), 16 x 23 cm (NP10), 20 x 29 cm (NP12) and 24 x 39 cm (NP16) – available. Create your one set that will consist of trays that meet your needs. The containers that we offer may be stacked or attached to a wall. See how this solution might look like by clicking on the Set of tool trays – 7 trays and a tool board – NTBNP5. We also have larger sets on stock – we encourage you to browse through the whole subcategory. Should you prefer toolboxes to trays, take a look at the excellent Tool organizer with movable dividers – 19.5 x 29 cm – NOR. Thanks to the transparent lid you will be able to recognize the contents quickly. There are smaller and larger models available, too. If you possess rich workshop equipment, order the Double-sided tool organizer with movable dividers - 29 x 39 cm - NOR DUO. If you travel a lot with your gear, you might find the Caliber 18’’ – 46 cm toolbox or the Multicase Cargo toolbox, available in various sizes, useful. Product descriptions contain detailed informations regarding sizes, number of compartments and dividers, maximum load of a given model. Click on the product name and learn more about our products! A capacious, sturdy, durable toolbox is an excellent investment in quality and convenience of your work. It is also a great gift idea for all DIY-men and women and craftsmen.

You will purchase toolboxes and trays at competitive prices in the online Garden Seeds Market. We offer exclusively premium quality products made of durable, damage-resistant, solid materials, signed by such brands as Prosperplast, Fiskars i many others. Do not miss out on this chance – buy online at our store!