Tree and shrub fertilizers

Tree and shrub fertilizers will make your conifers shine with dense, vividly green needles, while the apple and pear trees, as well as strawberry and blueberry tufts will give you myriads of sweet, delicious fruit. The category you are visiting now contains products from renown domestic and international producers, specialists in manufacturing of mineral and organic fertilizers for hobby gardeners and professional farmers. Compo, Target, Biopon, Agrecol, Florovit and Substral - they all belong to our partners. Browse through all our products and see, which fertilizers will help you take care of your trees and shrubs!

If you grow adorable flowering species, such as magnolia, heather or rhododendron, check out the "Barwne Pole" (Colourful Field) fertilizer, Biopon Magnolia Fertilizer and the Acidifying Fertilizer for conifers, blueberries and rhododendrons. You will also be able to take proper, comprehensive care of your spruces, arborvitaes, yews, cypresses and pines, as we offer the reliable Hortifoska (phosphor-potassium fertilizer for garden plants), Bittersalz Conifer Fertilizer that prevents needles from browning, Conifer Fertilizer that enhances colouring of the needles and the Autumn Conifer Fertilizer that increases their winter-hardiness - all these products are available at excellent, low prices. Boxwood fertilizer will help you make your hedge denser - its concentrated form contains the easily available nitrogen and other nutrients responsible for rapid growth of green mass.

If you grow fruit trees and shrubs in your garden or allotment, choose the Grapevine, Currant, Raspberry and Blackberry Fertilizer or the Eco-friendly Fruit Tree and Shrub fertilizer. Both products are highly effective and easy to use thanks to their form: long lasting granules. Our online garden shop continuously widens its assortment of plant care products in order to meet the ever changing needs of our customers. Trust us and ensure healthy, beautiful appearance and increased vigour of your trees and shrubs. We kindly invite you to take advantage of our competitive prices and affordable home delivery. Check us out still today!