Magnolia fertilizers

Magnolia fertilizers are carefully selected products that are perfectly suited for other acidophilic flowering plants, such as rhododendrons, too. A balanced supplementation of these beautiful trees and shrubs belongs to absolutely necessary, primary care measures. Product assortment available in our online garden store encompasses fertilizers and plant food from the proven, renown brands, such as Biopon, Target and Substral. These undisputed leaders of multicomponent fertilizers for ornamental plants are definitely worth trying out in your own garden. The effects you will experience will delight you!

You should definitely consider using the Biopon Magnolia Fertilizer, available at a bargain price at our garden store. This easy-to-apply granulated fertilizer contains all basic nutrients that guarantee healthy root growth and producing myriads of large flower buds. All flowering plants, that like acidic soils, would love the Magnolia Fertilizer with Micronutrients from Target, additionally enriched with iron that protects the plants from chlorosis, and the Rhododenron and Magnolia Fertilizer delivered by the same company. Should your plants be plagued with diseases, develop pale leaves and cease to bloom, do not hesitate and use the "Magiczna Siła" (Magical Force) emergency fertilizer for conifers and other acidophilic plants. It might be applied - sprayed directly onto the foliage, what significantly speeds up absorption of the nutrients by the plants in comparison to the soil-applied additives.

Take a look at the whole variety of products we have prepared for you! We offer reliable, effective magnolia fertilizers in pellets and in water soluble powder form. They are long-lasting, super-efficient and available at affordable prices! Make an order, select the home delivery option, confirm your purchase and wait for the delivery. This is the optimal way to buy the best available garden plant fertilizers without leaving home and overpaying. You are always welcome at our garden shop!