Tree covers and nettings

Tree covers and nettings offer a smart method of protecting plants from the harmful actions of cats, rabbits hares and other animals that decorticate the trees. You will obtain these covers in many different sizes off-hand at our store – do not hesitate, buy tree covers and nettings at an affordable price and forget about the damage!

In spring and autumn, when your plant trees in the garden, you tend to forget that patting the soil flat and watering the seedling is by far not the end of your work. Home pets – dogs, cats, rabbits – and wild animals, too, pose a great threat to the young trees. Some of them sharpen their claws on the bark, the others treat it as a great snack, but each bark loss means greater risk of falling to a dangerous disease, such as the incurable bacterial cancer, for the young trees. In order to minimise the risk, order the 55 cm, 80 cm or 100 cm protective tree cover. The dark green, sturdy cover effectively keeps plants safe from the animals and looks good, too. We think that your borders and vegetable beds may also need some protection. We have a solution for that, too. The Border wire mesh – mesh diameter 15 mm – 0.4 x 5 m – is available at an affordable price in our store. Do you need a bigger size? Take a look at our 0.8 x 50 m Border wire mesh! We offer a w wide assortment of covers and nettings, so you can be sure that you will find one that best suits your needs.

Browse through our selection and protect your garden from animals at a competitive price, yet with 100% success guarantee. We invite you for shopping tour, where customers satisfaction is guaranteed!