Corn Seeds

Check out seeds offered in our online store – maybe corn seeds will arouse your interest? We have a wide selection of different varieties of this vegetable available, both edible and ornamental.

If you consider growing sweet corn producing extremely sweet grain, choose seeds of the „Gucio” variety. „Ramondia” is another cultivar worth our recommendation. It has similarly sweet yellow or white grain that would adorn your garden on cobs in the summer. Corn of the aforementioned varieties can be consumed boiled or in salads. Should you like popcorn, you need to choose the „Dobosz” popping corn seeds. It is rather undemanding in cultivation and you will instantly notice, when its cobs are ready to be harvested. People who care for healthy food should know that sprouts are a rich source of many nutrients – vitamins, minerals or enzymes. That is why you will find corn sprouting seeds in our store, from which you will be able to grow sprouts and enjoy them as a healthy, delicious snack. We also recommend ornamental corn, whose cobs fit well into all fresh and dried arrangements and bouquets. It produces multicoloured inflorescences consisting, depending on the variety, of a mixture of yellow, white, black and red seeds.

What makes us eat corn? First of all it constitutes a rich source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Corn products and corn itself is included in diet of many people who are allergic to gluten.