Celery and Celeriac Seeds

You will find both leaf and root cellery seeds in our store. You may choose from several varieties that would definitely grow well on your vegetable bed. All seeds available in our online store are of high quality, since they come exclusively from proven producers.

You should try out seeds of the „Nuget” leaf cellery that produces large leaf rosettes consisting of pale green leaf blades and thick petioles within three months of the cultivation start. You may use them in salads and other dishes, press for juice or simply eat raw. Cellery leaves are a rich source of vitamins, such as C, PP, E and B vitamins, as well as numerous minerals. It is low-calorie, detoxifies your body and supports weight loss. If you are more into root cellery (celleriac), then „Albin” variety is recommended. Its large roots are harvested in autumn and can be stored for a long time after that. Root cellery contains only a little bit more calories than the leaf version, yet contains similar quantities of nutrients. Thanks to the essential oils it adds great flavour to many dishes. It is also an indispensible component of soup greens.

Do not hesitate and choose seeds of one of the cellery varieties in order to enjoy tasty, healthy and aromatic crops of leaves and roots.

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Root vegetables - seeds of four varieties -40%
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Celeriac - seeds of four varieties -40%
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