Kale Seeds

Order kale seeds still today! This underrated vegetable from the cabbage family needs to appear in your garden. Edible parts of this plant are the leaves that are a rich source of valuable vitamins, especially C, B1, B2, K and E, and such minerals as kalium, phosphorus and iron. Even young children can eat kale, as it does not contain oxolates and is easily digestible. You may choose from many different kale varieties. We particularly recommend the „Scarlet” cultivar with scarlet leaves, whose colour gains on intensity after the frosts. And if you prefer the traditional, green kale, go for the „Dwarf Green Curled” seeds.

Curly kale leaves are used mostly for garnishing dishes, but they deserve their place in soups, as well as vegetarian and vegan dishes. This valuable plant allows you to prepare tasty and healthy crunchy crisps. Kale does not pose many problems in cultivation, it requires only some of your time, will and commitment. Growing kale for late autumn harvest, when first frosts appear, is recommended. Low temperatures positively influence taste of the foliage. Autumn kale enriches our winter diet, when we have to struggle with fresh vegetable deficits.

Should kale arouse your interest, its seeds are available in our store at competitive prices. They are of high quality and present good germinability, since they come from proven suppliers only. Lose not time and order seed of the variety of your choice, so you could enjoy the incredible taste of kale in late autumn.