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Nasturtium seeds

You will find seeds of the garden nasturtium, one of the most popular ornamental and medicinal plants, and canary nasturtium, or creeper, in our store. All seeds available in our store stand out with high quality and germinatiom capacity, because they are supplied by proven producers only. If you meet nasturtia’s cultivation requirements, they will decorate your garden from June until early autumn.

We particularly recommend „Alaska Salmon Orange” variety producing cup-shaped, pink-orange blooms. This dwarf variety grows up to 30 cm tall and sprouts sprawling stems. Therefore it fits into hanging containers, onto flower beds and balcony boxes. It can also be planted along other dwarf nasturtium varieties on flower beds. We also suggest purchasing the low growing „Night & Day” variety with burgundy or creamy-white blooms that is perfect for edgings and container cultivation. Canary creeper with intriguing, frizzled, yellow flowers might also arouse your interest. Since it belongs to creeping plants, it can help you cover all sorts of not-so-pretty supports. Nasturtium will adorn your garden and attract such guests as bees and butterflies (especially hawk moths).

Nasturtium is a medicinal plant that shows antibacterial effects. Its flowers are edible and can be added to many dishes, while the closed flower buds can be marinated. Unripe nasturtium seeds are often used as capers’ substitute. Nasturtium works wonders with your hair – we also recommend a set of Hair strengthening herbs seeds, consisting of nasturtium, camomile and nasturtium.