Petunia fertilizers

Petunia fertilizers guarantee vividly green flower cascades. Only dedicated balcony flower fertilizers will allow you to maintain great looks of dense, natural bouquet-like tufts in your pots. The latest, most exuberantly blooming petunia varieties stand out with excellent vigour and ability to produce new flower buds all season long: from spring until first autumn frosts. In order to enable plants to grow and develop that way, you need to regularly feed them with a balanced composition of macro and micronutrients, particularly those that are responsible for proper root functioning and abundant blooming.

Our selection of the professional petunia and trailing petunia fertilizers encompasses such gardening hits as the reliable Substral Flowering Plant Fertilizer that supports blooming of trailing petunias, petunias, fuchsias and begonias, the quickly assimilable Fruktovit Mineral Trailing Petunia Fertilizer and the quickly acting Florovit Trailing Petunia, Petunia and Cascadia Fertilizer. The above mentioned products are available in liquid form, because the demanding balcony flowers are best fed during everyday watering routine. Should you prefer slow-release products that are applied a couple of times during a season, only, you should like the Target Long-lasting Geranium and Trailing Petunia Fertilizer that belongs to the most efficient plant food available. This excellent granulated fertilizer, intended for broadcasting, contains a large dose of magnesium that ensures development of numerous, vividly coloured blooms.

Every product that you will find in this subcategory has been prepared with excessive nutritional requirements of various petunia varieties in mind. It will deliver the desired results and provide your plants with energy needed for reliable, long, abundant blooming. Take advantage of our competitive prices, look out for seasonal offers and shop for household and garden products with free delivery. Become a happy Garden Seeds Market customer - this really makes sense!