Oregano seeds

There are seeds of oregano, sometimes called wild marjoram, one of the most popular herb seasonings with medicinal value, available in our store. Lately Italian (also called Greek) variety has become increasingly popular. All oregano seeds available in our store are of high quality and present high germination capacity, as they come from renowned producers only.

Oregano is indispensable in Mediterranean seasonings. Everybody knows its flavour from pizza, but it is also added to salads, cheese, meat and other dishes. When it comes to Greek oregano, it produces far more aromatic greens with a distinctly sharper flavour, but is used the same way as its more commonly grown relative. This Origanum vulgare variety develops slightly different habit and larger leaves. Both varieties are not only herbs, but have medicinal value, too. They show many beneficial effects, improving digestion process, helping in respiratory tract inflammations – due to high polyphenol content it acts antiseptic, expectorant and mildens cough. It should be used in dishes served to fussy eaters, because it stimulates appetite, particulary as infusion.

If you consider growing oregano in your garden, please remember that it prefers sunny, possibly wind-sheltered site. It is perfectly fitted for growing on borders and in containers. Do not hesitate and order oregano seeds now!