Bio Seeds

Certified organic seeds will appeal to you, if you care for nature. This special seed material, that has passed Agro BIO Test certification process, was produced from plants that had been cultivated without any artificial fertilisers nor chemical control agents. These seeds have not been genetically modified, either. Organic seeds farms undergo regular checks to make sure that seeds are produced in accordance with Poland’s and European Union’s regulations. All our organic seeds captivate with highest quality, as they only come from renowned producers. That fact guarantees successful cultivation, provided that the right growing conditions are preserved and appropriate care measures are taken.

You are free to choose from a variety of vegetable and herb species. We offer organic BIO carrot, rocket, butterhead lettuce, basil, beetroot, radish, leaf parsley, spinach and French bean seeds. Short descriptions will help you to select the best cultivars, while you will find basic growing instructions and the sow-by date at the back side of the package. We recommend to grow BIO vegetables using i.e. biodegradable pots, foils and agrotextiles. It would also be a good idea to use natural organic fertilisers available in our store in order to run a fully ecological culture. Please remember to make sure that general growing requirements of particular vegetables are met, so you can enjoy a rich, high quality harvest. Do not hesitate, select the seeds and prove yourself in organic farming.

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