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Ixia bulbs

Looking to rejuvenate your garden? Ixia bulbs offer an enchanting way to breathe new life into your outdoor paradise. With their vibrant colors, they make a fantastic addition to any garden collection. In our online store, you'll discover a captivating assortment of these exquisite bulbs that will surely capture your heart. Delve into the detailed descriptions and decide which of these beauties will grace your garden. Perhaps you'll be mesmerized by the crimson-red Venus, or maybe the two-toned Spotlight will steal your heart? Explore our diverse selection to see what other surprises await you!

Ixias, native to South Africa, are perennial plants. The current cultivated varieties are the offspring of crossbreeding, resulting in a stunning array of colorful hybrids. While the Polish name for this plant is "lepniczka," it's rarely used, despite its fitting reference to the sticky sap produced by these plants. Ixias belong to the Iridaceae family and typically reach heights of 50-80 cm. They sprout from small oval bulbs, accompanied by delicate, sword-like leaves. However, the true spectacle lies in their flowers – star-shaped or cup-shaped with six radiating petals. These blossoms cluster at the tops of stems in groups of 5-12, creating magnificent spikes in a rainbow of colors, ranging from dazzling white to deep burgundy. Each individual flower boasts a diameter of approximately 5 cm. An interesting quirk is that the flowers open in the sunlight and close in the shade or after dusk.

If you're already convinced of the necessity of introducing these charming plants to your garden, allow us to illustrate how phenomenally they complement a spring bed. Nestled among tulips or hyacinths, they will captivate with their exotic beauty. A composition featuring Ixias, ornamental grasses, and perennials will serve as a true showcase for your garden. These bulbs also make perfect cut flowers and can be cultivated in indoor pots.

Ixia bulbs are a splendid addition to any garden, enchanting with their vibrant colors. We wholeheartedly encourage you to explore our premium selection of bulbs. We offer competitive prices, thoughtfully curated sets, and generous packages.

Don't hesitate to explore our offerings and place your order with just a few simple clicks to bring your dream garden to life.