Professional Seeds

The satisfaction of our customers is the most important thing for us. That is why we included professional seeds in our regular offer. This section offers you the best, most resistant, and most productive vegetable varieties. These seeds delight with their excellent, unmatched quality. Large, evenly sized, carefully selected seeds guarantee high yield!

Professional seeds are top tier seeds. They were initially intended for large-area industrial farming, but are now available to everyone. We recommend those seeds to all gardeners and allotment owners who want to achieve spectacular results. Our online garden store contains professional lettuce and kale seeds. Even size of those seeds of popular leaf vegetables ensures quick, precise, and easy sowing. We also recommend the professional seeds of carrot, parsley, and red beetroot. The perfect quality of the carefully selected seeds speeds up the germination and guarantees perfect health of the seedlings. The quality of the seeds is particularly important in case of the slowly growing root vegetables. Do you want to grow like a pro? Calibrated seeds enjoy more and more popularity among our customers. By investing in the calibrated seeds, you get premium class seeds with guaranteed size deviation of max 0.2 millimetres in diameter. The size of the seeds directly translates into their germination and the resistance to unfavourable weather during the emergence period. This purchase is worth every penny!

Growing vegetables professionally in a home garden has never been that easy. Choose innovative solutions and sow professional seeds, the best seeds that are available on the market. We will make your yield even higher and the gardening work even more satisfying!