Other bulbs

Other bulbs and seedlings department encompasses bulbs and seedlings of unique ornamental and edible plant species. Indulge in the diversity of our offer! The seedling material comes from proven producers who enjoy trust of European customers. Your home garden bulb culture will definitely work with us. Just take a look at the beautiful spring flower selection. Puschkinia, Siberian squill, fawn lily, star-of-Bethlehem, glory-of-the-snow are only a few of them! Do not forget the classics that simply cannot be missed from a spring garden – such as lily-of-the-valley and snowdrops. In summer the impressive tritoma, splendid Himalayan desert candles, Cape hyacinth and dense blazing star blossom in a wide variety of colours. If you are looking for intriguingly shaped flowers, you may take interest in multicoloured daylilies, bog arums and the pink and white bleeding-hearts. Will you be able to resist the beautiful Eucomis, commonly called the pineapple flower, or exotic and slightly dangerous dragon lily? We recommend ornamental grass seedlings, such as Chinese silver grass and grey fescue, as well as green and purple ferns to all lovers of plants with ornamental foliage. You are acquiring the highest quality for a competitive price by choosing bulbs and seedlings of exotic and native plant species in our online store. Take advantage of the cost effective shipment and enjoy the beauty of the original flowers. Your satisfaction is our priority – we encourage you to take a detailed look at our offer!