Herb fertilizers

Herb Fertilizers are products whose contents correspond with the requirements of the most demanding herb plants. Should mint, basil, oregano and lemon balm grow in your garden or should you intend to set up a mini herbal garden on the balcony or kitchen windowsill, products of this category will help you achieve desired results. Take a closer look at the herb fertilizer selection we have prepared for you!

Ziołovit – Herb Fertilizer with Guano from Zielony Dom, Biohumus MAX from Target and the Organic Tomato and Herb Fertilizer - Concentrate for 140 litres of water solution from Substral are our bestsellers among herb food. The Long-lasting Target Tomato and Herb Fertilizer from Target, one of the most efficient products in its category, will help you properly supplement plants grown in the garden. This granulated product dissolves and penetrates the soil at a slow, gradual pace, hence provides herbs with sufficient nutrient doses over an extended period of time of up to several months. We recommend the Compo Plant nutrient in a disposable, practical applicator, for plants grown in pots and other containers.

Irrespective of the fact, which fertilizer you would choose from our vast selection, we guarantee your full satisfaction. Products available in our store come from renown manufacturers of fertilizers and plant food. You can only purchase original, certified products that meet the strictest EU criteria at our online shop. We stand for prices affordable to everyone and propose seasonal offers, what makes every visit at our store profitable for you. Do not waste time on visiting brick-and-mortar garden centres, as you will find everything your garden and home plants need here. We kindly invite you for a quick shopping tour.