Mosquito nets and screens

Mosquito nets and door screens provide an easy, cheap, yet extremely effective protection from mosquitoes, wasps, flies, moths and other insects that tend to pay us unrequested visits all summer long. Learn more about our wide selection – we offer nets and screens that fit all windows and doors. Do not hesitate and see what we can offer you!

As soon as it is warm outside we eagerly open windows and balcony doors. Letting air into your home you also let the nagging, often dangerous insects inside. We will help you to protect yourself and your kin from these undesired creatures. Thanks to our premium quality mosquito nets and window screens you will be able to keep windows and doors open all day and night long. We offer, among others the easy to install White 100 x 100 cm mosquito net with velcro fastening or the White self-adhesive insect screen / mosquito net 130 x 150 cm (available in 150 x 180 cm size, too). Grey and black models, such as the Self-adhesive grey Hunter 75 x 150 cm window insect screen, are also available in our online store. The mosquito nets that we offer stand out with tight splice and since they are made of durable, elastic materials resistant to UV radiation, they retain their high tightness for a long time. Would you like to purchase a door insect screen? The Black Hunter self-adhesive door screen 75 x 220 cm  and the Magnetic white insect screen 100 x 200 cm await you right here. They provide the best protection from flies, mosquitoes and wasps. Now you can instantly ventilate your apartment without risking the invasion of dangerous six-leg creatures!

Order mosquito nets and insect screens of the best manufacturers (Arox, Biogród, Hunter) at surprisingly competitive prices. We strive to make shopping as convenient as possible and therefore offer affordable home delivery. Take advantage of the broad product selection in our online garden store. High quality guaranteed!