Soluble fertilizers

Soluble fertilizers are exceptionally popular among gardeners and pot plant growers because of their quick action and easy, efficient application. They are sold in form of liquid concentrates and powders and intended for application during watering. That way nutrients get directly to the roots, where they are immediately absorbed without any losses. This category contains a broad selection of soluble mineral and organic fertilizers that find a variety of uses in cultivation of ornamental and usable plants in gardens and containers. Go for the immediate results and high efficiency!

We hereby recommend the Substral bestsellers: the extra efficient Home and Balcony Plant Fertilizer, Green Plant Fertilizer that prevents leaves from yellowing and the Organic Tomato and Herb Fertilizer - concentrate for 140 litres of ready-to-apply solution. You should definitely take a look at the water-soluble special task fertilizers of the "Magiczna Siła" (Magical Power) series, intended for taking care of lawns, hydrangeas, clematis, geraniums, tomatoes, cucumbers and grapes.

Target products are also enjoying high popularity among our customers. "Eksplozja Kolorów" (Colour Explosion) Balcony Plant Fertilizer, "Moc Pąków" (Sea of buds) Rose Fertilizer, "Moc Zieleni" (Sea of Green) Conifer Fertilizer and many others will help you out in your gardening efforts. If your borders have suffered from unfavourable weather conditions lately, improve their state with a Drought and Frost Regenerating Plant Fertilizer from Sumin (do not hesitate and buy the excellent "Dorodne Warzywa" (Magnificent Vegetables) Fertilizer from the same product line, too).

Should you be looking for reliable concentrated fertilizers for pot plants, we have prepared orchid, citrus, cactus, fern and green plant fertilizers for you at exceptionally competitive prices. Order first class soluble fertilizers that will improve plant vigour, make the foliage bright green and allow them to produce blooms and fruit abundantly. A product that ideally suits your needs can be easily found at Garden Seeds Market. All you need to do is to check our offer, choose the right product and add it to the cart with one click or tap. Shopping here is fun - you have to try it now!