All-purpose fertilizers

If you do not know, what product to choose for your plants, going for the all-purpose fertilizers is the best, and at the same time safest, option. Products belonging to this category are perfectly suited for taking care of ornamental species planted in pots and in the garden, but you may also feed vegetable and fruit plants with them. All-purpose fertilizers contain all fundamental macronutrients needed by the plants to grow and yield crops (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) and are additionally enriched with micronutrients (calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc, to name only a few) that enhance their vigour and increase their resistance.

You will find all-purpose mineral and organic, humus or vermicompost-enriched fertilizers in our offer. These products make the soil fertile and enhance its structure. Do not miss the BIO Planting, Transplanting and All-purpose Fertilizer in a cup. We think that you should prepare the soil for planting new trees or flowering plants with exactly this product.

We also have high quality horse, cow and chicken granulated manure on stock. It will come in handy in fertilizing of all kinds of plants that you might grow. Would you like your trees to yield even richer crops than usual? Choose the irreplaceable All-purpose Mycorrhiza that increases absorbing surface of the roots.

We also offer popular all-purpose liquid fertilizers that offer immediate results, such as the Nitrofoska, MAX-HUMVIT Vermicompost, Guano from Zielony Dom and Biopon All-purpose Fertilizer that ensures intense plant growth. If you look for the emergency fertilizers for plants that show nutrient deficiencies (browning of the needles, yellowing of the leaves, foliage deformation), order some of the "Magiczna Siła" (Magical Power) line of products from Substral or the Rejuvenating Fertilizer from Sumin.

The All-purpose Fertilizer Mist and All-purpose Fertilizer Sticks from Zielony Dom and the concentrated Substral Home and Balcony Plant Fertilizer will help you take proper care of the most demanding pot and balcony plants. All the above mentioned products and the intriguing newcomers can be bought at competitive prices with an affordable home delivery at our store. Just compare our offer with what other online stores have on stock and see that it is really worth shopping here. A wide selection of original all-purpose fertilizers from renown manufacturers is within your grasp now. Do not hesitate and browse through this vault!