Containers and bags

We hereby offer containers, bags and sacks of all types and sizes – we do have them all – with an affordable home delivery option. Need a toolbox, a dumpster bag or petrol canister? You will find these products at an affordable price in our store. See for yourself!

Our online garden store offers the most affordable white polypropylene bags, an extremely durable and multi-purpose product that is available off hand. There are many different sizes available, from 40 x 60 cm (capacity of 10 kg) to 80 x 125 cm (maximum load - 50 kg). If you need some sacks for storing vegetables and fruit, choose knitted (raschel) bags that are ideally suited for this purpose. Cheap, flexible and durable bags will protect your crops from rotting – check them out! If you prepare for refurbishing or simply need an affordable, yet large and durable container for artificial fertilizers or dry fodder, you will also find the desired products here. Order the Big Bag container (dumpster) sack, that is ideal for transporting debris and large quantities of dry goods. We have other premium quality container bags with latches for easy transportation, sleeves for easy filling and emptying,in several sizes in stock, too. Should you look for new solutions for storing garden accessories and tools, you will find capacious and sturdy Caliber toolboxes and the practical Set of trays – 24 pieces with a wall mounted board, at affordable prices here. Need a container for litter that will facilitate gardening work? Order a lightweight Collapsible garden basket with a spring – the ideal solution for storing mown grass, foliage or twigs.

Garden Seeds Market offers toolboxes, containers for dry goods and liquids, as well as durable bags and sacks made of materials permitted for garden and agriculture use. Order high quality products from leading European producers online with a cheap delivery option. You are more than welcome to join our community!