Home plant fertilizers

Home plant fertilizers belong to the flagship categories of our Fertilizer department. This is the place, where we have gathered products dedicated to taking care of the most popular pot plants. The best, most efficient orchid, fern, fig tree, ivy, palm, yucca, dracaena, cactus and zamioculcas fertilizers can be found right here.

If you are looking for a professional citrus or bonsai fertilizer or even more exotic plant food, you will definitely find it here at an affordable price. We offer a wide selection of excellent home plant fertilizers for flowering plants, e.g. kalanchoe, cyclamen, African violet, anthurium, Spathiphyllum (peace lily) and Schlumbergera (Christmas cactus).

You may also treat balcony plants - begonias, geranium, petunias, fuchsias, impatiens and other flowering beauties - with these products. Try out the liquid concentrated Fruktovit Mineral Fertilizer for Home and Balcony Plants that stimulates blooming, the ready-to-use Pump Sprayer Fertilizer for Flowering Plants from Zielony Dom or the Plantacote Balcony and Home Plants Fertilizer from Agrecol in form of slow-release granules. These mineral fertilizers cover all home plants' needs regarding macro- and micronutrients. Thanks to them your green friends will grow much more abundantly this year!

We also have some food and fertilizers for plants that produce ornamental foliage: Compo Green Plants Fertilizer, the Agrecol Chlorosis Relief Fertilizer against fading and yellowing of leaves, the Fern and Green Plant Fertilizer from Substral and countless other excellent products from renown brands. We recommend the nutrients "Siła Natury" (Nature's Force) from Target, Biosept Aktiv Target, Orchid Power Compo and Agrecol's Florum Strong in a convenient applicator.

Take a look at our fertilizer sticks and spikes that can be applied every 3 to 6 months. This form of fertilization is perfect for all the forgetting and busy ones. Browse through our virtual shop and you will certainly find a product that would suit your needs. We make proper plant care so much easier. See for yourself!