Compost is the true black gold - the most valuable fertilizer that you may produce from all kinds of waste, coming both from the garden (grass, fallen foliage, seedless weeds, chopped branches and twigs) and from the household (coffee grounds, tea leaves, grey unprinted and uncoated paper, vegetable and fruit rests provided these are disease free). All this litter collected in a dedicated place gradually decomposes and becomes an excellent organic fertilizer - plant food rich in all macro- and micronutrients and containing the valuable microflora, too.

Compost fertilizes the soil and improves its structure, making it more absorbent and compact (in case of sandy soils) or lighter and more permeable, when added to loamy soils. Do not hesitate any longer - it is recommended in cultivation of all kinds of plants. If you have a free patch of land to use as a composter, waste no time and start producing compost in your own garden. You will find use for all kinds of organic waste and quickly receive magnificent plant food. Our online store offers a variety of products that speed up the composting process. Please see below - you are always welcome at our garden store.

We offer a broad selection of products that speed up decomposition of organic waste, such as the Compost activator from Florovit, the BiSeptik Composter Additive, Active Composter from Target and Radivit from Substral. Try out the Pryzmatix BIO additive from Sumin that contains living decomposing bacteria and the Zielony Dom Composter Additive that would help you to get rid of the pungent stench. Sturdy, yet lightweight and easy to use composters are also available in our online garden store. Click or tap on the product name, examine it carefully and see, how fast producing valuable compost on your own could be. We stand for competitive pricing and cost-effective, quick home delivery. Purchasing at our store is fun - check it out today!