Boxwood fertilizers

Boxwood fertilizers will help you achieve the desired effect in growing these exceptionally adorable shrubs: a dense, bright green hedge or a marvellously formed topiary (a living sculpture, formed by clipping shrub's foliage and twigs). Properly supplemented boxwoods delight with excellent vitality, densely growing shoots and vividly coloured leaves. In order to maintain that state you should take advantage of our rich offer of mineral boxwood fertilizers.

The Target Boxwood and Hedge Fertilizer is a unique product enriched with micronutrients. By using it, you will prevent your quickly growing green shrubs from any kind of nutrients' shortage that might impair plant growth and result in yellowing of the leaves. Proper fertilizing directly translates to increased resistance to diseases. The Agrecol Boxwood Fertilizer is dedicated to the often and excessively clipped and pruned shrubs that require large doses of nutrients during the whole vegetation period. This efficient and easy-to-apply product would surprise you with its competitive price - try it out and enjoy the results in your own garden!

Shopping in the Garden Seeds Market guarantees the highest level of customer experience. Our fertilizers come from renown, proven manufacturers are stored in optimal conditions and secured before shipment. All of them are delivered with detailed instructions of use, allowing garden beginners to maximize their potential. Surprise your guests with a well-kept, elegant garden - thanks to our fertilizers taking care of boxwoods and other demanding tree and shrub species becomes easy!