Brooms and brushes

Brooms and brushes that you will find in our online store will make cleaning and tidying up a significantly less arduous task. We present both the outdoor models intended for pavement, driveway and terrace cleaning and these designed for construction works. Should you need smaller accessories for cleaning bottles and carboys, we have those in stock, too. At very competitive prices, as usual.

If you are looking for a sturdy broom that will thoroughly wipe away small dirt particles, remove sand from the driveway, choose the products manufactured of natural materials such as the Sorghum fibre 86-cm long broom without handle or the 133-cm long model with a handle. Do you fight the dirt that got stuck in places that are hard to access? Buy a pavement brush for cleaning slits between cobblestone and pavement bricks. An ergonomic QuikFit gutter brush or other Fiskars QuikFit cleaning tools for mounting on the QuikFit handle, should come in handy in every household, too. All hobby preserve makers should definitely consider purchasing our carboy brushes that come in may different shapes and sizes. A bent brush would be perfect for cleaning the toughest spots inside a carboy or demijohn, while the small wire brush on a long handle will allow you to efficiently clean bottles and larger jars. Our online store offers practical and functional car washing and cleaning accessories, such as the easy-to-use X225 Car washing brush that can be quick-connected to a garden hose, or the Raco car washing set with a brush (it contains, among other products, a soft cleaning head with a detergent container that does not scratch the paint). Refurbishing or construction works are coming your way? Facilitate your work with a Tar brush made of coconut fibre (for tar and glue) and the Coconut and PP fibre plastering brush. All our accessories have been manufactured of premium quality materials that guarantee their sturdiness and durability. See for yourself!

Buy brooms and brushes made of natural and artificial fibres without leaving home! The online Garden Seeds Market offers exclusively high quality products from renown brands (Fiskars, Planta, Raco). Follow our offer and do not miss out on the interesting novelties. We invite you to a shopping tour and to take advantage of prices that suit everyone!