Nepeta, catmint seeds

Seeds of the catmint, a plant that attracts cats and insects, yet not all of them, with the aroma of its blooms, are also available in our store. Among others, we offer seeds of the special catmint variety that repels mosquitos! Those intriguing plants are perfect for filling flower beds, rock gardens, walls, embankments or for cultivation in pots. It is recommended to sow the catmint seeds in frequented places to enjoy their fragrance and freedom from nagging insects. Should you have uninvited guests like flies or cockroaches raiding your home, a few pots with catmint placed in the corners should effectively repel those pests.

We recommend the „Pink Cat” variety that forms inflorescences consisting of pink flowers exuding heavenly pleasant fragrance. This plant develops a compact, rather low habit and begins to bloom end of spring to end only at the beginning of autumn. We bet that seeds of the already mentioned mosquito repelling catmint would also draw your interest. This particular variety bears inflorescences built of blue-violet aromatic flowers. Apart from its decorative application, catmint is also used in herbal, natural medicine.

All catmint seeds available in our online store meet the highest quality standards and present good germination capacity, because they come from proven producers only. If you find it hard to believe, prepare some space in your garden, sow the seeds and check them out. Catmint is a plant that can be easily taken care of and should not present any problems to even least experienced gardeners.