Blueberry fertilizers

Blueberry fertilizers offer a tested remedy for all problems and challenges you may encounter while growing these fruit shrubs. They prove to be indispensable during the whole vegetation season, particularly when plants develop new shoots, produce flowers and bear fruit. We also recommend to use them before planting new shrubs - before you purchase the cuttings, please make sure that the soil on the chosen site is acidic. Low soil pH value (3.5 - 4 would be optimal) guarantees that Northern highbush blueberries would take root and develop properly. These plants would die on the insufficiently acidic soils, would suffer from chlorosis and bear no fruit, because they are unable to absorb nutrients in such conditions.

We recommend to use organic fertilizers, like chicken manure that effectively lowers soil pH, in order to acidify the soil before planting blueberry bushes. Mycorrhiza vaccine, that increases root absorption capacity and protects roots from phytophthorosis, offers an innovative solution that brings excellent results in cultivation of all acidophilic plants. We recommend our Mycorrhiza Vaccine for Rhododendrons, Heathers and Blueberries from Zielony Dom – a single application would be enough to significantly increase the vigour and health of the bushes! We also offer excellent mineral fertilizers, such as the Blueberry and Acidophilic Plant Fertilizer from Florivit (available in 1 and 3 kg packages), Blueberry Hortifoska (phosphor-potassium fertilizer for garden plants) from Agrecol and the Blueberry Fertilizer from Target. If you are looking for products that guarantee immediate results, choose liquid fertilizers - the Organic Liquid Blueberry Fertilizer from Target or the "Magiczna Siła" (Magical Power) Emergency Fertilizer from Substral, intended for soil and foliar application. The latter product proves to bring excellent results in rescuing weakened plants. Would you like to invest in a product that needs to be applied only once during a season. We recommend the Long-lasting and Most Efficient Blueberry Fertilizer in form of a slowly-release, coarse granulate from Target.

As you can see, Garden Seeds Market offers products for everyone. A broad palette of blueberry fertilizers from the renown producers is available at competitive prices here. Check out our offer and shop with a satisfaction guarantee.