Watering cans

Are you looking for a cheap watering can that will be functional, durable and aesthetic? Garden Seeds Market offers watering cans for pot plants, vegetables, fruit shrubs and other garden plants at reasonable prices. We have many different models and sizes in stock – choose the one that you have always dreamed of!

What features should a good watering can possess? Durable material, properly profiled snout, a rose that ensures stable water flow and prevents from clogging? Watering cans offered here meet these criteria. They are also sturdy, lightweight and easy to use. Choose the Żyrafa (Giraffe) home watering can that is available in different colours: fuchsia, navy blue, lime green and green, to water pot and balcony plants. Purchase the one that fits your home arrangement best. We also offer large Garden watering cans. Green, 2-litre or 5-litre flowering can is needed in every garden or allotment. Large capacity allows to quickly water all plants that need it without the need to fill the container over and over again. The comfortable, broad handle enables easy transportation and does not cause corns. Just take a look at this competitive price! Complete a full set of garden accessories of your choice and qualify for our free home delivery.

Shopping in our online shop are quick, easy and enjoyable – we have everything your garden might need. You are welcome anytime!