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Radish Seeds

If you think about growing a delicious, healthy and easily cultivated plant, choose radish seeds. They are of high quality, because they are supplied by proven producers only. Thanks to that fact you are guaranteed a rich harvest, provided, of course, that proper cultivation conditions are maintained.

You will find seeds of many different radish varieties in our store. The plants differ in size, colour, taste and shape of the roots. We particularly recommend the „Tetra Ilowiecka” variety that produces tender and juicy red-white roots. If you would like to try some unusual radishes, select „Manthangong” variety with round roots consisting of red flesh and white skin. The yellow, savoury variety „Zlata” is also worth taking a risk. If you care for nature, choose certified organic radish seeds, produced without the use of artificial fertilisers nor chemical control agents. These seeds have been certified by Agro BIO Test. Those who cannot make their mind and choose one variety are advised to pick a selection consisting of seeds of varieties producing yellow, white, scarlet and white-tipped red roots. They will add flavour to many dishes and garnish many plates.

We also offer radish seeds for growing sprouts, a tasty and healthy snack. Sprouts are a valuable source of vitamins and minerals and are fitted for salads and sandwiches. Do not hesitate and choose seeds of your favourite radish variety. This delicious, healthy and aromatic vegetable will not present any problems in cultivation.

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