Cress Seeds

Our garden store offers bittercress seeds. This plant is an indispensible Easter decoration. Seeds sold in our store are of highest quality, since it comes from proven suppliers only.

Bittercress is an extremely valuable plant rich in vitamins, especially C and K, as well as in minerals and essential oils. It positively affects condition of skin and nails. Thanks to vitamin K it does not allow for great loss of calcium from bones and improves functioning of kidneys and pancreas. Bittercress can also help persuade fussy eaters to eat, as it stimulates appetite.

Do not hesitate and order bittercress seeds today. It is recommended to eat it all year long, not only at Easter. It is so easy in cultivation, that even childred will master growing bittercress sprouts. You only need to soak the seeds in water for a while and then transfer them onto wet cotton or cellulose tissue. Edible sprouts will be ready within 8 to 10 days. They fit into many different dishes, particularly dairy products. A special sprouter will make bittercress sprouts production even easier. This plant can be also grown in gardens in previously prepared soil. Lose no time and try bittercress seeds in order to enjoy a delicious, healthy and ornamental snack in no time!