Plant growth and yield enhancers

Plant growth and yield enhancers belong to the most important scientific achievements of modern agriculture. These products strengthen plants weakened by unfavourable cultivation conditions, improve their sturdiness and vigour, as well as directly enhance the crop-yielding potential: the number of produced blooms, fruit and green mass volume. Our online garden shop allows you to choose from a wide variety of the best available growth and yield enhancers!

We offer, among many other products, additives rich in micronutrients seldom found naturally (e.g. titanium), products containing strains of useful bacteria that help you get rid of the harmful soil pathogens and increase plant vitality, regenerators that stimulate injured roots to grow and even the magnificent substances that attract pollinating insects!

We recommend products popular among and highly regarded by professional gardeners, such as the Asahi SL - vigour increasing and yield enhancing product for fruit, vegetables and industrial plants, Tytanit - a great solution for yield increase of tomatoes, bell peppers, strawberries, currants, cherries and many other plants and Grevitax that stimulates growth and enhances green mass volume. An excellent Root regenerator from Goteo, the Superplon K for weak, pining away plants, the disease-resistance increasing Guard H in two versions, for fruit and vegetables, as well as Biopolin and Wabicol that will attract bees to your greenhouse and vegetable beds, can all be found in our offer.

You can purchase the above mentioned and many other excellent, proven and tested enhancers, additives and fertilizers from the highly regarded producers (Agrecol, Sumin, Target) at affordable prices at our garden shop. Make good use of the growth and yield enhancers in order to harvest nicely shaped, sweet fruit and high quality vegetables even in less favourable seasons. We invite you for a shopping tour!