Snapdragon Seeds

In our online store, you can find a vast selection of Snapdragon Seeds (Antirrhinum majus) at unbeatable prices. We take pride in offering top-quality sowing material. With such a wide range of varieties, you're sure to find the perfect flowers to enhance your garden. Our collection includes red, orange, pink, white Snapdragon Seeds and captivating color mixtures. Dive in and explore our offerings!

If you have a preference for tall varieties, suitable for the backdrop of a flower bed or to accompany swiftly growing perennials, consider our tall white or pink snapdragons that grow up to 80 cm. Additionally, our 'Tutti Frutti' snapdragon, adorned with marbled petal patterns, and the abundantly flowering 'Trumpet Serenade' are worth your attention. Standing at 35-45 cm, these Snapdragon Seeds are excellent choices for foreground planting. For those looking for shorter varieties, we recommend Atos, Portos, and Aramis – perfect for adding vibrant borders to flower beds or even for container gardening on balconies. All these varieties bloom profusely during the summer, showcasing long spikes filled with large, exceptionally decorative flowers. Their upright growth pattern complements both annual and perennial ornamental plants, like marigolds, asters, begonias, celosia, and gazania.

Choose Snapdragon Seeds from our online store, and enjoy the assurance of high germination. Our seeds, sourced from reputable Polish producers, come in original packaging with clear sowing instructions. Experience quality at affordable prices. Browse, click, order, and let us help make your garden dreams come true!