Lemon balm seeds

We offer seeds of lemon balm in our store, a plant that is commonly known for its relaxing and soothing qualities. There are both common lemon balm and the new „Limonella” variety available in our offer. All seeds sold in our garden store comply with highest quality standards, since they come from renowned suppliers only. It guarantees successful cultivation, provided, of course, that proper growing conditions are maintained

Common lemon balm is known for its soothing quality, although this herb has many other applications. It will help you cure insomnia, depression and neurosis, it mildens menstruation pains and headaches, cures wounds and swells, shows cholagogue and diastolic effects, relaxes and calms you down. It can also be used as hair rinse that limits hair loss, fights dandruff and other head skin conditions. Fresh lemon balm finds its use in the kitchen, too. It can substitute lemon grass. Planted in the garden (it is cultivated from seedlings) it attracts many useful insects as a melliferous plant.

The „Limonella” lemon balm differs from the common cultivar in the intensity of the lemon fragrance and flavour, because it contains more essential oils. It shows similar medicinal qualities, acts as soothing agent, mildens pains and helps fight insomnia. It can of course be used for adding aroma to dishes and drinks, particularly tea and lemonade.