Autumn and winter fertilizers

Autumn and Winter Fertilizers provide you with invaluable assistance in taking care of plants outside their vegetation period. This category encompasses products dedicated for pot plants that winter indoors and garden inhabitants, too. If you would like to comprehensively meet nutritional requirements of your home plants, choose the Biopon Autumn-Winter Fertilizer or the "Zimovit Forte" from Agrecol. These quickly acting liquid fertilizers replenish nutrient deficiencies and improve plants' resistance to stress conditions, such as dry air and high temperature in the heated rooms.

In order to protect trees, shrubs and lawns from winter frost, take some Target products into consideration: the Autumn Fertilizer for Ornamental Plants and the Autumn Lawn Fertilizer will significantly increase hardiness of your plants. Thanks to the latter two you will be able to enjoy dense, healthy turf without ugly dry spots and your ornamental trees and shrubs will quickly wake up after the winter dormancy without any harm.

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