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Bean Seeds

If you think about growing a delicious vegetable with ornamental potential, choose bean seeds. There is a huge selection of varieties available in our store. They differ in habit, bloom colour, pod shape, size and seed content or intended use.

We have seeds of one of the most popular bean varieties grown for dry seeds - „Piekny Jas” - available in our store. „Igolomska” variety, producing medium large seeds that are fitted for treshing, and „Wawelska”, developing reddish seeds, also deserve your attention. If you care for healthy food, choose Mung bean sprouting seeds. You will grow sprouts easily at home and enjoy a tasty and healthy snack that is rich in vitamins and minerals. In our offer you will also find ornamental, edible bean varieties that would cover pergolas, gazebos, walls or balconies. Charming colourful blooms will decorate covered structures all summer long until beginning of autumn. One of the best ornamental bean varieties, whose pods and seeds can be eaten, is „Hestia”. This plant grows rather low, up to 40 cm tall and therefore can be grown in containers.

Lose no time and choose your favourite bean variety. All seeds available in our offer come from proven sources and renowned producers, what guarantees high quality and germination capacity.