Tomato Seeds

Tomato seeds allow us to easily produce seedlings, from which plants regularly bearing healthy, tasty tomatoes, will develop. Growing tomatoes from seeds is not problematic and does not require much of our attention. You only need to maintain stable, high temperature and regular water supplies.

Tomatoes should be sown into boxes or other containers. Seeds should be placed in regular spacings, what ensures proper distances between our seedlings later on. Than seeds are covered with a thin layer of soil that should completely shelter the seeds. The optimal germination temperature lays between 20 and 25°C and should not fall under 15°C at night. You will not need professional equipment, nor large cultivation area. Some of the varieties available in our store can even be grown in pots.

There many different tomato varieties’ seeds availlable in our store. Garden beginners should choose at least a few of them in order to enjoy fruit of different sizes, colours, tasts and harvest times in future. Tunnel and greenhouse tomatoes belong to the most popular varieties, with „Baron” and „Rambozo” leading the way. Raspberry tomatoes - „Oxheart”, „Favourite”, „Malinowy Kapturek” and „Malinowy Olbrzym” and cherry (cocktail) tomatoes - „Pokusa”, „Maskotka”, „Venus”, „Idyll”, „Aztek”, „Ildi”, „Figiel” and different seed selections – enjoy similar popularity. You may also count „Krakus” and „Kmicic” varieties to the most popular ones that are perfectly fitted for preserves. Seeds of such tomato varieties as „Black Cherry”, „Tigerella” and „Green Zebra” occupy the best-selling lists for a long time already thanks to their extraordinary peel colourings.

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