Rooting powders and grafting waxes

If you take your gardening hobby seriously, rooting powders and grafting waxes should definitely land on your shopping list. These professional plant care products guarantee excellent tree pruning results and allow you to successfully produce cuttings. All fruit trees and shrubs, as well as numerous ornamental species require regular pruning. Large wounds caused by removal of thicker branches need to be covered with grafting wax that will quicken tissue regeneration and protect the weakened plant from pathogen bacteria and fungi.

For that very purpose we recommend the cost-effective and efficient Sumin grafting wax for Tree and Shrub Wounds with a Band and the reliable and sturdy Eko-Derma grafting wax, recommended particularly for tree grafting. The innovative spray products, such as the Fito-Plaster Spray, that can be applied without a brush, make gardening even more fun. If you prune trees and shrubs to obtain shoots for cuttings, order one of our excellent rooting stimulators. "Korzonek Z" (Root Z) is intended for stimulating root growth of green plants, "Korzonek PZ" (Root PZ) for semi-shrub plants and "Korzonek D" (Root D) for plants with lignified stems and trunks. This marvellous product trio comes from the renown Target brand. Excellent rooting stimulators will allow your cuttings to develop magnificently and establish fully at new sites. You should also learn more about the Agrecol Rooting Fertilizers. Should you, on the other hand, need some help in transplanting of sensitive pot plants, we have a "Zdrowy Korzeń" (Healthy Root) Spray Remedy for Transplanting Plants from Zielony Dom available for you.

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