Salvia, Sage seeds

You will find seeds of sage, a medicinal and very aromatic plant in our garden store. We offer garden sage and clary sage that are both used as medicinal and seasoning herbs. Seeds offered in our store are of high quality and show good germinability, since they come from proven sources only. It guarantees successful cultivation, provided, of course, that proper growing conditions are maintained and proper care measures are taken.

Garden sage is a valuable medicinal plant that can be used in many ways. It beneficially affects your body, shows anti-inflammatory, astringent, slightly anti-fungal and anti-cough effects. It is used in indigestion, to decrease hypertension, to gargle mouth cavity and throat or in curing slowly healing wounds. Sage is also valued for its gustatory and aromatic features as addition to soups, sauces or other dishes. You should not overuse it, as the essential oil from its leaves tastes bitter and may dominate the flavour of your dish. Clary sage is mostly applied for flavouring liquor, such as beer and wine. Dried clary sage constitutes wonderful, aromatic seasoning to many meat and vegetarian dishes. It is also added to soaps and perfumes.

Do not hesitate and order sage seeds. This medicinal and seasoning herb should not be missed from your garden. It will definitely fit into different arrangements at your flower bed.