Common yarrow "Terracotta" - orange flowers - XL pack - 50 pcs

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The "Terracotta" common yarrow is a hybrid cultivar that attracts attention with an untypical orange colour of its inflorescences. Plants of the cultivar presented here grow abundantly, quickly reaching a height of 80 cm. Yarrow stems are stiff, erect and branch only seldom. Their surface is covered with tiny white hair. Leaves, that develop along the whole stems, are ornamental, too. They are deeply dentate, resembling openwork, subtle and feathery. The corymbs consist of myriads of single blooms that reach maximally 5 mm in diameter. The colour of the blooms changes with time. The initially flat inflorescences are brick-red at the beginning, to slowly get paler, to almost yellow before the finally wilt. Yarrow blooms long and exuberantly. You should expect the first blooms in June already and from that moment on the inflorescences continue to develop until October. Common yarrow is a sturdy, easy to grow perennial that perfectly fits onto naturalistic borders, into rock gardens and flowery meadows. Combining it with Eastern purple coneflower, speedwells and rudbeckias brings excellent visual effects. You may, however, grow this plant in containers, too. It is a durable cut flower that also provides excellent raw material for dried bouquets and arrangements. Small yarrow clumps look much better than large, gargantuan arrangements.

The "Terracotta" common yarrow is exceptionally undemanding. It will thrive in almost every garden. It is perfectly suited for sunny spots. It is highly resistant to frost and does not need covering before the winter.

Package contains 50 first choice rhizome of the common yarrow. Basic plant growing instructions can be found on the package label..

  • Variety: Terracotta
  • Use: Ornamental - borders, rock gardens, meadows, cut flower, dried bouquets
  • Growth form: erect
  • Vegetation form: perennial
  • Foliage: subtle, deeply dentate, feathery
  • Flower type: corymb
  • Site: sunny
  • Bulbs: 50
  • Height: 80 cm
  • Flowering period: June - October

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